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Flexibility will be key as the 2020 season approaches.  Updates will be posted as soon as possible.

The registration page is under construction and currently has a mix of last year's process and this year's local info form - as one can understand, many details are yet to be determined.  Please do not attempt to register until this page announces that registration is open.

The one educated guess to share is that there is a possibility that the doctor's physical form may be unchanged (still on the FHSAA web page at ).  If one wished to lead turn anything (with the standard disclaimer this year, that things may be different and the board cannot guarantee at this time that this form will be the one required) - consideration for using this form to document completion of an athletic participation physical, as there is currently no other form/option defined by FHSAA, may be advised.

Please continue to check this page periodically for updates


FHSAA State Meet

 2019 Florida 4A State Championship

Women 12th & Men 25th

Women's 200 yd. Medley Relay - (Allie Larrimore, Olivia Peoples, Natalie Padgett, Hannah Koziol) - 4th Place
Men's 200 yd. Freestyle - Jakob Broughan - tied for 17th Place
Men's 200 yd. Individual Medley  - Jonathan Kim - 9th Place

Men's 1 meter Diving - Brooks Adams - 20th Place

Women's 100 yd. Butterfly - Olivia Peoples - 1st Place (State Champion and New State Record holder)
Women's 100 yd. Butterfly - Allie Larrimore - 13th Place
Women's 500 yd. Freestyle - Haven Hinkle - 17th Place
Men's 500 yd. Freestyle - Jakob Brougham - 9th Place
Women's 200 yd Freestyle Relay - (Allie Larrimore, Natalie Padgett, Hannah Kim, Hannah Koziol) - 16th Place
Women's 100 yd Backstroke - Allie Larrimore - 23rd Place
Women's 100 yd. Breaststroke - Olivia Peoples -2nd Place
Men's 100 yd. Breaststroke - Jonathan Kim - 7th Place


Team Records Set:

Women's 200 yd. Medley Relay, (Larrimore, Peoples, Padgett, Koziol) - 1:47.07 (previous record - 1:49.93)
Men’s 200 yd. Freestyle, Jakob Brougham - 1:43.91 (previous record - 1:44.68)
Men's 200 yd. Individual Medley, Jonathan Kim - 1:54.29 (previous record - 1:55.82)
Women’s 100 yd. Butterfly, Olivia Peoples – 52.73 (previous record – 54.19) *Florida State High School Record
Women's 500 yd. Freestyle, Haven Hinkle - 5:04.86 (previous record 5:07.53)
Men’s 500 yd. Freestyle, Jakob Brougham – 4:35.02 (previous record – 4:35.76)
Women's 100 yd. Breaststroke, Olivia Peoples - 1:01.94 (previous record 1:02.94)
Men's 100yd. Breaststroke, Jonathan Kim - 57.19 (previous record - 58.88)
2019 Team Picture
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